Karen Asatrian

Karen Asatrian

If you want to learn more about contemporary Armenian Music, you could hardly avoid Karen Asatrian and his group "THE ARMENIAN SPIRIT". His tunes tap the potential of Armenia's soulful folklore. Combining it with jazz and elements of classical music he creates an oeuvre of "avantgarde-falk-jazz". This encounter of "old" and "new" doesn't create a universal musical hotchpot, but open an access to surprising musical world in-between, without denying the Armenian roots. Asatrian demonstrates his incessant prospection of the historical roots of his personal and of Armenia's identity, which boosts his creativity. [more]


Hrachya Vardanyan

Hrachya Vardanyan’s artistic work is a spiritual encounter reflecting the rich traditions of the environment in which he was born and raised. Armenia, his home country, is the central font of strength and inspiration for Vardanyan’s paintings, and he transforms and interprets its singular and hybrid traditions into his own artistic language.